Two-day Int. Kashmir Conference begins in New Delhi


NEW DELHI, May 18 (SANA): The two-day international conference on Kashmir titled “Kashmir Issue, Future possibilities” organized by an Indian NGO Institute of Conflict Management has begun in New Delhi.

The conference would be attended by Kashmiri representatives from both sides of the Line of Control and abroad.

From Azad Kashmir Muslim Conference President Sardar Attique Ahmed, JKPP president Sardar Khalid Ibrahim, President Jammu and Kashmir Liberation League Justice retd. Abdul Majeed Khan, NAB President prof Khaliq and General Arif Shahid of the JKLF. Besides 22 other Kashmiri leaders have also been invited to the conference.

London based Kashmiri leader and Secretary General of the Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights Dr. Syed NAzir Gillani and Geneva based Kashmiri leader and General Secretary of the International Kashmir Allaince would also attend the conference in New Delhi.

The search for a solution to the Kashmir issue should move away from entrenched positions in negotiations and include marginalised sections of the people of the region, the organizers of conference said.

The discourse on Kashmir has so far been defined by those who resort to terrorism, their sponsors and their front organisation" and elected representatives, minorities and displaced people of the region have remained marginalised, according to institute of conflict resolution, a non governmental organisation headed by former Director General of Police of Punjab K P S Gill.

"Other political constituencies including the elected representatives of the people in Kashmir, the people of the regions that have diverse communities and constitute local minorities, the displaced and the diaspora, have largely been silenced or marginalised," the organizers said.

There was an urgent need to move away from the positions that have become entrenched in the current negotiation processes and to evolve a more inclusive understanding of the diverse interests and communities of the region, they added.

The two-day conference on Kashmir will be heldf on the outskirts of the national capital in which expatriate Kashmiri separatist leaders and leaders from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit and Baltistan are participating.

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